The Squid Game EFFECT!

On september 2021 All the world Was speaking only about Squid Game. Every network, every social, for more than 1 month was fullfilled by this amazing Korean Tv Show. For the same reason NFTvS  scheduled Characters were delayed in order to give to Squid Game Characters the Full Views and thats what exactly what collectors wanted!


Gi-Hun – Auction Unique Edition

15 days of Auction Concluded with the high offer of 0.3 BNB!

The Doll – Level 3 Anticipation!

For the Same Reason The Level 3 of NFTvSeries was anticipated in order to celebrate this amazing Tv Show and its relative effects to the entire world!


📈 What’s new?

finally we have the official page store! Finally we have an official contract! finally we have statistics!

⁉️ what this means?

this means that you’ll able to collect and interact with that contract! For future means the recognition on other marketplaces too The ability to import tha contract also on other websites, listings and more!

💥 How about my collected items?

They will gradually be recognized and imported on next months. We will have able to recreate the fomo and the buy pressure like on passed months so when the contract will import also your items there will be a NUCLEAR EFFECT on the collection!

🙀 Dont worry…

as already said, NFTvSeries is here to stay! and the terms will always be the same! collectors on center of the project! Community should be the main part of the project! The network will remain BSC and in next weeks will be also hosted on BINANCE! don’t be rekted.

🐧 Twitter update

We were dossed and twitter for now decided to suspend the account. We are providing a lot of requests to re-open the account. We have to wait their checks and hope to not be accused of policy violation …

⏭ What’s next!

Workin on a new website! The Easter Eggs items are gradually minted and realased to their collectors

and finally…

Go to check on official store on the link above! you’ll find something great!


Try Again!

There Should Be Something that you are missing!

Read Between the lines!