Consider that the NFTVS Profile Picture is a spin-off. It's not replacing the NFTVSeries Main project. For this reason, the Profile pics will be Extremely Rare and it’s required a little bit of time to be produced. The price floor on launch has been set on 0,25 BNB and can change, depending on the choices you go to make (read instruction to discover more). Any kind of request about price will be not considered. Be Serious, and you'll be proud.


Please read well before compile. In case of errors your request will be considered delayed to the end of production


Provide a Nickname, it will be on the Top of the Profile Picture. Your email must be valid in order to communicate with the artist and set the details. If you have any other social account could be harder better faster stronger! (cit)


Please upload a profile pic of you in case you want to be converted on NFTVS style. If you want to generate a random picture or be like someone else provide another pic.


You have to accept that you are not providing any violent content. The legal responsibility in this step is in charge of you!


In order to realize a copy of NFTVS, you have to indicate if it’s necessary to customize clothes, accessories, and other parts or simply replicate all

Choose Background

You can Choose the background as a Color, as a Gradient or as a NFTVS sponsored BG!


You can to choose the bg color that you want from the color picker


You can provide an URL with the correct gradient you want. Internet is full of free resources. Google is your friend!

NFTVS Sponsor

You can choose to have a custom NFTVSERIES background. It will be amazing, and it will be have a discount on finale price ! (obviously!)

NFTVS Logo Visible?

You can Choose if you want a NFTVS logo visible on the profile pic or not. If you choose to remove it will have a smooth price impact on the final price.

Customization Panel


IF you choose "Nope, I want to Customize it!" you will have the following elements to choose!


Play with these steps and choose the best for you, because the choices options will change after your selected answer!


With Custom you can configure all the parts of the NFTVS profile picture. You can select to customize DRESSES, ACCESSORIES, SCENE OBJECTS. One or all of them. Don't abuse on items or price will increse!

For each custom part you have to provide the number of items custom and provide an URL where find that item. Plus, you can write "like this, in this url, but with yellow logo" For each part you can also write things about already minted NFTVS characters like "I want the Jon Snow Dress" or "The Red Ranger Elmet"

With NFTvSeries Dresses

You Can Choose to customize your profile picture on "head" and "top". Or both of them. For each section, you will have the opportunity to choose from a list. This Catalogue will be updated several times always with new items. At the moment is visible only on request. Then you will choose the main color, the secondary color, and the accent color. For each update of the catalog if you already had a profile pic you'll upgrade it with special prices update and promotions!


Let the team customize your dresses and you'll have an amazing special price discount.

Detail Request

Use this field only to customize your choices. And maybe to provide some suggestions. Example: I would have a horn-like a Unicorn. Or any you imagine. Any kind of extra request will be considered and you'll be in touch to have the final price and details.


Be sure to push the final button "SUBMIT" or your request will never been processed.

Now You are ready to Compile your Request!

In case of errors your request will be considered delayed to the end of production. So, be sure you red well the instructions!

Are You Ready?

Compile it and be patient!
Add your Nickname
Provide your Country Name
Your Age (if you want)
Insert a valid Email to discuss details with the artist
If it's the same for you choose Telegram


πŸ“ˆ What’s new?

finally we have the official page store! Finally we have an official contract! finally we have statistics!

⁉️ what this means?

this means that you’ll able to collect and interact with that contract! For future means the recognition on other marketplaces too The ability to import tha contract also on other websites, listings and more!

πŸ’₯ How about my collected items?

They will gradually be recognized and imported on next months. We will have able to recreate the fomo and the buy pressure like on passed months so when the contract will import also your items there will be a NUCLEAR EFFECT on the collection!

πŸ™€ Dont worry…

as already said, NFTvSeries is here to stay! and the terms will always be the same! collectors on center of the project! Community should be the main part of the project! The network will remain BSC and in next weeks will be also hosted on BINANCE! don’t be rekted.

🐧 Twitter update

We were dossed and twitter for now decided to suspend the account. We are providing a lot of requests to re-open the account. We have to wait their checks and hope to not be accused of policy violation …

⏭ What’s next!

Workin on a new website! The Easter Eggs items are gradually minted and realased to their collectors

and finally…

Go to check on official store on the link above! you’ll find something great!


Try Again!

There Should Be Something that you are missing!

Read Between the lines!