20.10.21 – 05.11.21

Special edition:
Halloweeen Trick or Treats NFTVS

Characters Minted:

The Campaigns

During the Special Edition Halloweeen Trick or Treats by NFTvSeries where launched 6 characters and 2 different contest campaing:

> The Refinaboo Trick or Treats official Refinable Campaign

> The Maggie Halloweeen Edition!

The Refinaboo Trick or Treats!

The official Refinable Campaign was totally organized by Refinable Official Marketplace. 
From 27.10 to 05.11 the partecipants should do some tasks on gleam website and try to win one of the most exclusive half body ever made: Wednesday from Addams Family. 
The prize is totally a free giveaway lottery from the official team!

You can see the full list of winner and more infos here

The Maggie Halloweeen Edition

This Contest was set by NFTvSeries officially, and scheduled by Refinable. The Contest was made of 5 Maggie’s from The Simpsons special halloween edition. Each auction last 24h starting from a floor price of 0.0666 BNB! 5 of 5 items were sold! 

You can see more here

Is it over? NO. THE TRICK PART!

At the END of the Halloweeen Special Edition Something Scary happened! The entire Halloween Collection on refinable was totally removed from sales and entirely burned! Do you know what this means?

> If you are a collector of this items you’ll just received an upgrade to a more rare item!  

> if you are not a collector of any of this items, I’m sorry, you lost an opportunity! (:

See the Full List BELOW

  • Amy Sosa - Supermario

    Minted 20. Burned 10. Circulating 10

  • Mr Peanutbutter

    Minted 20. Burned 11. Circulating 09

  • Annie - The Ring

    Minted 20. Burned 13. Circulating 07

  • Chandler - Pink Rabbit

    Minted 10. Burned 5. Circulating 05

If some numbers doesn’t results for now is because Refinable take count also of the item on the “official page store” 


📈 What’s new?

finally we have the official page store! Finally we have an official contract! finally we have statistics!

⁉️ what this means?

this means that you’ll able to collect and interact with that contract! For future means the recognition on other marketplaces too The ability to import tha contract also on other websites, listings and more!

💥 How about my collected items?

They will gradually be recognized and imported on next months. We will have able to recreate the fomo and the buy pressure like on passed months so when the contract will import also your items there will be a NUCLEAR EFFECT on the collection!

🙀 Dont worry…

as already said, NFTvSeries is here to stay! and the terms will always be the same! collectors on center of the project! Community should be the main part of the project! The network will remain BSC and in next weeks will be also hosted on BINANCE! don’t be rekted.

🐧 Twitter update

We were dossed and twitter for now decided to suspend the account. We are providing a lot of requests to re-open the account. We have to wait their checks and hope to not be accused of policy violation …

⏭ What’s next!

Workin on a new website! The Easter Eggs items are gradually minted and realased to their collectors

and finally…

Go to check on official store on the link above! you’ll find something great!


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